Thoughts on Kona...

Almost 2 months later, and finally....I've gathered some thoughts. 

Kona '16 brought me to my knees. It brought me to the med tent for the first time ever. It brought me to some dark places, and it resulted in my slowest marathon ever.  But, it also brought me closer to this sport than ever before. 

My version of the race isn't that interesting: I got kicked in the head during the swim and survived the rest of the day with a concussion - feeling very nauseous, sleepy and dizzy. Rather than a race report, I interviewed Chris to get his perspective, check it out

 Total Time: 11:21
 Swim: 1:19
 Bike: 5:36
 Run: 4:14

I've been reading Royal Robbins' autobiography (vol. 1), "To Be Brave". Royal is one of the most prominent American rock climbers of all time. He is a purist who is incredibly introspective and obsessed with understanding why he does what he does. His book has helped me make sense of triathlon. I think his book even helped me finish Kona, especially this:

"Man is never more human
than when he is reaching for
something beyond his grasp."

There it is, my Kona lesson. A disappointing race brings a broader perspective to success. I don't obsess over race results, never have. Instead, I am focused on realizing my potential. And while I think I have a long way to go, Kona sure as hell reinforced my need to always be reaching. 

And most importantly THANK YOU...

The Olympic ClubFor supporting my transition from the soccer team to the triathlon team, and for bringing so many of my dearest friends and training buddies into my life. 
- POC Sports.  Thanks for keeping me safe and helping me look slick along the way. As I always say, you guys rock. 
Easton Cycling. You took a chance on a random girl in Mill Valley who promised she would ride her ass off for you, and I appreciate that. Your Aero55 wheels are my favorite piece of equipment, by far. Love you guys. 
Soas Racing. Steph, the founder, and I met a few years ago at Oceanside when I told her I appreciate everything she does for females in triathlon and we've been buds ever since. She made a custom Kona kit for me with 10 days notice and it was just awesome. I'm sorry I couldn't give it a better debut, next time ;)
Christopher. Thank you for showing me how much you care, I feel it everyday. You somehow manage to be everything I need: honest and supportive, but also tough. Love. 
Family. This includes friends. So many of you have showed up to races to cheer, supported from afar, and always put up with ridiculous training schedules. I love you for this - thanks x100. The #unbelievable squad. The #morecore Kona crew. The #hallwayshenanigans team. My #burritos. Mom. Dad. Margaret. Scott. Thank you. 
purplepatch FitnessMatt (reluctantly?) agreed to coach me in 2015 and I appreciate every morsel of knowledge and feedback he's given along the way. Thanks. 
- Chipotle. Because Chris and I might not survive without you.